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There is still much to be learned about the Fletchers, numerous avenues to be explored, many contacts to be established. However, this is of course a continuing process and it is to be hoped that further chapters may be written in the future. Whilst I much regret the incomplete state of some of the chapters, I must acknowledge with gratitude the interest and help received from various sources. Not least the acquisition of the old booklet about the Fletchers of Glenorchy which was sent to me from Sydney, Australia which gave me the impetus to go ahead with my own book; the visit to Dunans, and the letters and papers which Colonel Fletcher allowed me to borrow; the wonderful collection of anecdotes supplied by Mr. Hugh E. Fletcher of Rhodesia; help and patient indulgence of my family, without which none of this would have been possible; and without doubt, the cheerful and endless work put in by my local librarians and their colleagues throughout the country, which has been of tremendous importance. I hope the modern Fletchers will find plenty to interest them in my narrative, and if by any chance anyone has anything to add, I should very much like to hear from them. They should bear in mind that in years to come they too will be eligible to be referred to by their descendants as "the ancient Fletchers". Perhaps one of them will compile a sequel to this book, so that the Fletcher story does not die.

My particular thanks goes to the following:-

Mrs. Catherine Blair, Aberfeldy; Colonel Archie Fletcher, Dunans; Miss Barbara Fletcher, Highcliffe, Hants; Lady Helen Fletcher, Nev York; Mr. Hugh E. Fletcher, Rhodesia; Lt. Col. Miles H.A. Fletcher, Eastbourne; Commander Rawdon A. Fletcher, Bridport; Colonel Roy C. Fletcher, Cheltenham; Mr. W.H. Fletcher, Highcliffe, Hants; Mrs. W.M. Harvey, Blandford (formerly Miss Winifred Fletcher); Mrs. Annie Jones, Sydney, Australia; The Rev. M.A. MacCorquodale, Callander; Mrs. Jeanne Fletcher MacFarlane, Stamford, Lincs; The Rev. H.A.L. Rice, Kirkby Lonsdale, Lancs; Mr. George Rolleston, Craven Arms, Shropshire; Mr. David Scott, Glenaros, Mull,

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